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House of 1000 Doors: Palm of Zoroaster (Collector's Edition)

House of 1000 Doors: Palm of Zoroaster (Collector's Edition)

Break a deadly curse of a powerful gem.
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Product Information

Summoned by the Spirits! Return to a dark, sinister, unsettled House... very different than the one you remember. Strange things are happening all around you. What evil aversions are to blame?

Help Kate break the deadly power of cursed gem. A trail of smoldering bodies is left behind in its wake. If left unchecked, the curse will destroy the House of 1,000 Doors — all the residents face imminent doom.

Desperate Plea for Help

The house needs you. Will you answer its call? Can you untangle the strange chain of events in this murky mystery. How many more victims will fall prey to the lure of the evil gem? Could you be next?

Expose the Truth

Serve as Kate's guide as she searches for a series of scattered clues. Explore stunning locations and experience amazing animations on your quest for the truth. Can you determine the underlying force of the malady and restore harmony to the house — before it's too late?

Stop the Terror

Take charge and break the Stranglehold of Fire! Travel the world in search of the artifacts that can destroy this wicked presence. Solve a massive array of cleverly designed puzzles and ingeniously hidden objects as you unravel this story of supernatural intrigue, unbounded adventure and sweeping scope.

Stirring Supernatural Story

The Collector's Edition of House of 1000 Doors: Palm of Zoroaster provides engaging epic entertainment from start to finish. Enjoy a thrilling adventure enhanced by great gameplay features.

  • Integrated Strategy Guide
  • Wallpapers
  • Concept art
  • Bonus gameplay
  • Other worlds of spine-tingling fun!


Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8¹, 1.0 GHz processor or faster, 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended for Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8), 1GB free hard drive space, 800x600 minimum screen resolution, video card, sound card, CD-ROM drive, keyboard, mouse. ¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8.