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Cognition: Complete Saga 4 Pack

Cognition: Complete Saga 4 Pack

Only a psychic detective can stop blood-thirsty serial killers
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Product Information

Take on the weight of a dark, wicked world as special agent Erica Reed in Cognition, a bone-chilling four-part murder-mystery adventure saga. Erica can see an object's past with a touch. Her work with the FBI is strengthened by her ability to envision how crimes unfold piece by piece.

Not even this gift could keep her younger brother, Scott, from falling prey to a lethal predator. His brutal slaying remains unsolved after three years. Today, the case is reopened testing Erica's visionary abilities and crime fighting skills.

Delve into the diabolical mind of a grisly serial murderer who hits all too close to home. The graphic portrayal of evil and violence will leave your breathless. Each episodic adventure will have you craving for more. Follow the trail blood, death and destruction left by four different serial killers.

A Deadly Beginning

In Episode 1: The Hangman, a grisly serial killer strikes with no abandon. Can Erica's cognitive powers protect the next target, or will she fail and fall into the fatal clutches of the hangman?

Tragically, Erica's psychic abilities hinder her investigation. A menacing supernatural force predicts her reactions and does everything possible to stop her.

A Second Chapter of Death

The story takes an even more evil turn in Episode 2 – The Wise Monkey. The killer strikes with unprecedented butchery as the bloody drama builds momentum. Monstrous developments unfold as the murderer collects the eyes, ears and tongues of helpless victims one by one.

The Third Saga: An Exposed Killer

Deadly visions of the past and the future collide with the present in Episode 3 – The Oracle. As shocking events unfold, the identity of the hatchet man is exposed or is it? Discover the shocking truth about the hellish criminal's connection to Erica's tragic past.

A Serial Killer's End: The Last Chapter

A deadly plot thickens in a maze of brain-teasers and blood in Episode 4: Cain Killer. Erica must come face to face with her brother's assassin. Will she seek justice or personal revenge? Erica must reveal the truth alone, no matter what the cost. Will her psychic powers be strong enough to defeat the Cain killer. Can she solve the horrific mystery in time?

Challenging Clues and Puzzles

Come face to face with terror as you uncover the awful truth. Test your skills with challenging puzzles, mysterious clues and a patchwork of evidence. Classic gameplay features enliven the thought-provoking mystery with devilish detail.

·         Embark into a four-part series filled with murder, mystery and mayhem

·         Compelling narrative will keep you guessing what will happen next

·         Solve challenging puzzles that intertwine with an eerie engaging storyline

·         Enjoy contributions from award-winning game author Jane Jensen

·         Revel in striking hand-drawn images and a haunting soundtrack

A bone-chilling exploration into a grisly world will keep you spell-bound. From beginning to end, this creepy caper will keep you in suspense. Along the way, take good care of yourself -- the spirits are restless. Astonishing developments will challenge your thinking in this heart-racing episodic series.

More COGNITION Stories?

The surprising ending sets the stage for a new series as Erica battles the power of her supernatural psychic abilities. Who knows what the future has in store for her special talents?


Windows® XP (Home & Pro) SP3, Windows Vista® SP1, Windows® 7, Windows® 8¹, Pentium® IV 2.0 GHz processor or faster, 2GB RAM, 512MB VRAM Direct X 9 Compliant Video, 3 GB Hard Disk Space, DVD-ROM drive, keyboard & mouse. Macintosh® OS X 10.6.8 - 10.8¹, Intel® Core™ Solo 2.0 GHz processor or faster, 2 GB RAM, 3 GB Hard Disk Space, 128MB VRAM, and keyboard & mouse. ¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Mac® OS X.