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Demon Hunter Chronicles from Beyond Untold Story

Demon Hunter Chronicles from Beyond Untold Story

Defeat a deadly supernatural enemy with the power of the Ancient Order of Demon Hunters.
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Product Information

That night it happened the girl with the red eyes felt the pain like it was her own. The next day's newspaper confirmed what she already knew — her dear professor Ashmore was dead. The police found his lifeless body in the Ashmore family mansion with no clues.

Ancient Order of Demon Hunters

The authorities are content to undergo a routine investigation but the girl with the red eyes knows the slaying involves something much greater than a lone killer. Harness the power of the Ancient Order of Demon Hunters to defeat a supernatural enemy of deadly force.

Evidence of Murder

The Ashmore mansion is filled with devious secrets. The professor's legacy was clouded; he was doing some strange research. His shocking scientific experiments lead to a portal beyond our reality. Sort through a scattered trail of timeless clues — a noose, whip, gun, hammer, spade, mask, jewel case, ruby, amulet, vial and more. How do all these mysterious objects fit together?

Supernatural Forces

Do you dare come face to face with Professor Ashmore's killer? His tragic death is shrouded in mystery of the occult. Do you have the nerve to confront a vengeful supernatural force that threatens the girl with the red eyes? The untold story must be exposed for the entire world to see.

Dire Destiny

Does past kindness link to current tragedy? Years ago, professor Ashland found an abandoned girl with red eyes on the island of the Ashmore estate. He took good care of the little girl and raised her like his own. He told her that she was special. Now, the girl with the red eyes must reveal the tragic truth and face her own fateful destiny.

Reveal the Murderer

Explore the professor's mansion and unmask the diabolical reality of his work. Clues, puzzles and hidden challenges piece together this amazing story. It's up to you to track down the demon and discover the hidden truth. Enjoy hours of frightful entertainment and enhancing gameplay features as you solve the mystery of the Demon Hunter Chronicles from Beyond:

  • Breath-taking graphics
  • Eccentric characters
  • Captivating hidden object scenes
  • Perplexing puzzles
  • Engrossing storyline
  • Earn achievements on your way
  • Bonus chapter: The Dream
  • Switch Window/FullScreen Mode
  • For players of all ages


Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8¹, Pentium processor (or equivalent AMD® processor) 600 MHz or faster, 512MB RAM, 1GB Free Hard Drive Space, DirectX® compatible video card, DirectX® compatible sound card, DirectX® 9.0, DVD-ROM drive, keyboard & mouse. Macintosh® OS X 10.6 – 10.9¹, Intel® Core™ Duo processor 1.0 GHz or faster, 512MB RAM, 1GB free hard drive space, 64MB VRAM, sound card, DVD-ROM drive, keyboard & mouse. ¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Macintosh® OS X.