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Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock

Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock

Can you escape Hell Lock alive?
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Product Information

Can you escape Hell Lock alive? Immerse yourself into the creepy confines of Vampire Saga. Discover what you are really made of as you set out to find the truth by uncovering chilling clues, shocking discoveries and much more.

Hell Lock Evils

Welcome to Hell Lock, a place no one in their right mind would want to be. But maybe, you're not in your right mind. As the story begins, all you can remember are moments: racing down twisted back roads on a motorcycle; a spectral figure soaring through the night air; a piercing pain on your neck and then total darkness.

Survival Strategy

You preferred that blank space to what you see now. An abandoned town beckons you to explore its ravaged streets. Fires break through the earth and threaten your life. The feeling that something unnatural is stalking you puts you on edge. To survive, you must search for clues, gather vital items and work through challenging puzzles. If there's a way out of hell, you'll find it, but only if you take the first step!

Blood-Thirsty Vampires

Encounter a love that will never die. As a stowaway on board the Pandora, you must find and save a fascinating woman of unearthly beauty. As a series of grisly murders unfold, you realize a creature is on board and it has a thirst for human blood. You must investigate what evil cargo is guarded by supernatural forces below deck and unravel the secrets of this tragic love story.

Settlement Colossus

Enter an epic story where you will explore and settle new lands in Settlement Colossus. Take the role of a 300-year-old emperor cursed to live without his true love until he appeases the Gods. Discover resources, produce tools, construct buildings and more to strengthen your empire! Use your resource gathering skulls to keep your kingdom thriving and please the Gods.

Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock Features

Welcome to the horror of Hell Lock. In this spine-tingling story you will enjoy bonus games and special features, including extended play, deleted scenes, a soundtrack and much more!

·         Horrifying locations

·         Thrilling gameplay

·         Electrifying storyline

·         Break free from Hell

·         Bonus: Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box and Settlement Colossus


Windows® XP (Home & Pro) SP3, Windows Vista® SP2, Windows® 7, 1.2GHz processor or faster, 512MB RAM (1GB RAM for Windows Vista® & Windows® 7), 306MB free hard drive space, DirectX® 9.0c or greater, CD-ROM drive, keyboard, mouse.